Solder Fume Extractor

This is a work in progress.

It has been apparent for a while now that my current solder fume extractor was incapable of handling the larger PCB projects. Since moving to SMD components, the extractor simply isn't big enough to handle boards laying across the hot plate so a new extractor was needed.

This new fume extractor was made using a 120 mm computer case fan, a 12 VDC power source and a 3D printed base from Thingiverse. The major difference between my print and the original model is that I eliminated a large part of the fan duct before the duct began to taper out. This is due to the fact I will be printing a ring that will attach the the lip of the duct where I will place LEDs. The fume extractor will have the additional benefit of illuminating the area as well as extracting the fumes.

The trickiest part of this project has actually been the fan. Unlike the original fume extractor fan, which was a 2-wire fan, this 120 mm fan is a 4-wire fan. Online documentation for 4-wire fans is seriously lacking and I had to reference the manual of my motherboard to find out what the ports were for. Needless to say, I eventually got the 12 VDC and GND pins and since I want the fan to run as fast as possible, I ignored the PWM control. The last pin was a "sense" pin for returning data, which I didn't need. At any rate, the LEDs and fan will be hooked up to a single switch to make operation easier.

I'll post a final picture when it's complete.