High-Altitude Balloon Experiment in Technology is a class offered at Iowa State University through the Make-2-Innovate program. The HABET program was originally a course, AerE 265, and preceded the development of M2I. To quote the mission of HABET, "HABET’s mission is to provide a platform for students, professors, and other interested third parties to perform experimentation and design work that would require a high altitude balloon system.".

My team's project was to create a panoramic shot of the edge of space which we had hoped could be used for marketing purposes by the Aerospace department. Flight LX-109-C was a free-flight mission using a 600 gram latex balloon. The actual mission was to be performed by two independent cameras mounted 90 degrees from each other with a pre-programmed imaging sequence.

Unfortunately, the mission payload was initially lost during recovery, however some months post-launch it was found hanging in a tree on a remote farm.